How To Use Affirmations Daily to Change Your Life!

Personally, I use affirmations on a daily basis and it has played a tremendous role in enhancing my life and the way that I go about certain things.

Affirmations have helped me to think positive and become more motivated on a day to day basis.

I even used affirmations to have the courage to begin creating a blog. Affirmations have helped me pursue so many ideas that I never would have imagined.

When you first start using affirmations, and the Law of Attraction, you begin to realize that you can influence your life’s reality by really becoming in tune with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Positive affirmations give you the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires by believing in what you want and also having that feeling that it is already here.

If you wish to change your life and attain all of your dreams and desires, here are some pointers on how to reach these goals.


When it comes to using positive affirmations, you have to have in your mind what you EXACTLY want to come into your life.

Do you want a better job?

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you wanting an extra amount of money in your bank account?

Whatever it is, make sure you have an exact idea on what you want to bring forth into your life.

Many times people will list or say what they don’t want or don’t want to happen them. This is the incorrect way to use affirmations. When you do this, your subconscious mind will focus on the negatives and will bring want you don’t want into your life even though you said that you don’t want it.

Be careful with your words when using affirmations. Speak of what you want not want you don’t want.


The words you speak are not enough to make an idea or vision imprint into your subconscious mind.

It requires EMOTIONS to be triggered when you are using your affirmations.

For example, the way that I was able to use my words effectively to trigger emotion, is to always start off my affirmations by saying “I am so happy and grateful.”

Happy and Grateful are two words that are emotional words.

I would then go on to add whatever it is that I want so for instance I would say. “I am so happy and grateful that I have X amount of dollars in my bank account.”

Do you see what I did there? I used emotion by including “happy and “grateful”, and I also spoke it in the present tense.

I said it like I already have the money in my account. That is the trick, you must know that you have it before you even have it. Don’t use words like maybe or some day or possibly. Use present tense words in your affirmations to invoke that feeling of already having what you affirmed.

I will make a more in detail post on how to create positive affirmations.


Feeling and emotion are so important when using affirmations. Words just won’t cut it alone.

Your mind will know if what you are trying to affirm is not something that you really want and will reject the idea. You must set a clear intention and feel that you have what you are affirming.

The way to invoke more feeling and be in a positive state when using affirmations is by imagining or visualizing how it will feel to have that desire or goal.

What I do, is after I say my affirmations, I create a scenario in my head where I am receiving what I affirmed. I see myself being happy with that goal, smiling and celebrating.

I picture myself already having what I affirmed. This helps bring so much emotion and feeling around that goal in order to allow it to manifest.

The feelings that you have about achieving your goal are what needs to be manifested to help bring forward what you are asking for.

Being able to understand this and incorporating it when asking for what you want is extremely important because the emotions and the feelings that you send out to the universe, will always comeback.

Using affirmations on a daily basis have changed my life tremendously. There is nothing in this world that is unattainable. As long as you set a clear intention on what you want, you speak of it like you already have it, you add emotion and feeling behind it, and you BELIEVE that it is yours… All of your affirmations will begin to manifest!

Mr. Keeno Simmons

3 Important Techniques to Master Your Mind!

Being able to understand your own psychology can be a tough thing to do, but it is foundational for your well-being and overall happiness. This can be a lifetime process, but below are tips on how to help you master your mind.


Meditation is an extremely important way to observe the way that you think and at the same time enhance and transform the way that you think.

In meditation, the person practicing it has the ability to separate themselves from their normal personal thought processes. When the person does not identify with these thoughts, they tend to go away and lose energy over time.

This results in the person being able to focus on nothing but positive thoughts which eventually lead into these type of thoughts being able to manifest in the outer world.

While it may take a long time for you to master your mind and your psychology, meditation will help aid this process. Simply meditating from 5 minutes to 1 hour on a daily basis will produce wonderful benefits in your life.

Personally, I section off a block of my morning before I perform any tasks to sit in a quiet place and meditate for at least 30 minutes.

There are many forms of meditation which I will touch on in another post.


Habits are what make for a good quality of life.

All of our experiences are just a collection of habits that we have developed since we were brought into this world.

Take a habit and make sure you stick with it for 21 days or more. Studies show that sticking with something for 21 days or more causes it to become a consistent habit.

You want to establish a habit of identifying negative thought patterns as they emerge in your life. In this way, you have the power to stop the momentum before it becomes to strong.

A habit can be something as easy as making your bed every morning or something difficult like visualizing a goal 20 minutes every single day.

Try to pick something that you KNOW you will stick with initially. You can build on these habits and the results will compound over time.


The last important tip to help master your mind is CONCENTRATION.

While meditation can be largely considered as the art of non-focus, there are also many concentration strategies that can help enhance your mind.

One practice that I use on a daily basis to help with my concentration is something I learned from one of my online mentors. The strategy that I use is that I find a dot on the wall or anything that I can keep my focus on. I stare at the dot without blinking. At first it may be hard not to blink but try your best to keep your eyes open as long as possible.

If you stare long enough, the dot or whatever you are looking at will disappear. Some people may experience the whole entire room to disappear. Don’t be nervous if this happens, it is part of the process.

I usually do this for about 5-10 minutes. Doing this is a short and intense technique that works well if you are willing to stick with it.

This focus can be carried on to other areas in your life. You will most definitely be able to apply your focus to different tasks.

The skill of concentration is an important one to learn. We live in a age of social media which serves to distract us. Our population is slowing losing the ability to focus and concentrate on certain things due to this.

Applying these three techniques will help strengthen and master your mind. We need to apply these in order to change our outer world. Remember your mind and your thoughts control your reality. Make sure you take good care of it!

– Mr. Keeno Simmons

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